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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

I have a dream. [ Revelation 21 ]

Do you know that there is one Ireland,and yet there are two Ireland's,one is called Eire and the other Ulster.Most people have heard of the conflict that
the people of Ireland have suffered in the 20th century,to some extent it continues.There are those who want with all their heart that there was just one Ireland,this was borne out  just recently,when the two Ireland's ,won important football matches.A man who wants one Ireland spoke of there being one world beater united team.That's his dream, but it goes further than football, Dr . Martin Luther King had a dream of freedom,but surely slavery
finished,at the time of the American civil war.Not so, racism continued and I am sure still does,we have it in sport,we have in it many countries,we had in Germany,Japan,we have it in India, we have it in Islam the way women are treated .Will this world never change?well a little,but not really,until that day in which Jesus will return,I am not passing judgement,only observations,but one day ,yes one day He will pass the perfect judgement,and bring in, an eternity of perfect harmony,where there will be no strange fruit hanging on tree's.
                                     A  prayer.
           Even so come Lord Jesus Amen.

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