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Friday, 9 October 2015

A show trial [ Romans 11 v33-36]

During the reigns of the dictators,such as Stalin and Hitler,people would be put on trial for alleged offences,but they were but show trials, judgement had already been passed,before they came to trial. So it was when our Saviour was arrested and tried ,it was but a show trial,the religious leaders
had already planned to kill Him [ John 11 v45 -53]. The religious leaders acted with the wisdom of the world,they saw in Jesus a threat ,to their nation and to their teaching,even though Jesus manifested wonderful power,
 that did not matter.Jesus was seen as threat from the moment he was born,
by Herod,His very presence was a threat,and when He commenced His ministry ,His words became a threat,for it challenged so much that was wrong,He who is the light of the world,exposed the darkness in that religious society. So on the night He was put on trial ,these religious leaders
were determined to do one thing ,kill, or should we not say murder Him.So
consider the scene, Jesus the prisoner ,the falseness of this show trial,so wrong so unjust,why ?.Should we pity Him,yes we may but we can above all else praise Him,He knew before hand what awaited Him [Matthew 16v21],again,why?,the reason He suffered was that we would not suffer.So
onward He marched towards His destiny,the cross,that our destiny would be heaven and not Hell.
                                    A  prayer.
Dear Lord we worship You,and praise You for your courage ,obedience,
and love,Amen.

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