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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The glory has departed. [ 1 Samuel 4 v21 ]

Before and during certain sporting events certain songs are sung,some football teams can be identified by songs they sing.West Ham's sing 'Im forever blowing bubbles,and that great Liverpool sing, 'You'll never walk alone.When Wales play Rugby often the Welsh who are noted for their male voice choirs, sing that wonderful old hymn,'Guide me ,O Thou great Jehovah'.It is wonderful to hear it sung,and yet it is unfortunately only a tradition,and has no bearing on the Welsh nation now.The spiritual decline in Wales is very sad,as it is in the whole of the United kingdom.Hymns sung at sporting events are reminders of past spiritual glories,alas the glory has sadly departed.There are many reasons, what ever the reasons so the decline goes on,more and more.Whatever the reasons the reality is this ,the church that remains must  not compromise as regards truth,they must continue to walk in holiness,to love God and others with a Christ like love,The church must walk and live in unity,be open to the Spirits leading,and be obedient in all things to their Lord,and never forget they are called to be witnesses .What applies to the church applies to us as individual,may it not be said of any of us ,you did run well,what did hinder you.
                                         A  prayer.
Dear God  have mercy upon those nations that have gone back spiritually,be pleased in your great mercy to visit such, in Jesus name Amen.

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