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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Show me your faith . ( James 2 v 14 - 26 )

                                So let us look at what James means,when
                                he wrote those words, 'Show me your faith'
                                Now we had considered it cannot mean
                                salvation by works, but what does it mean.
                                As we read what James has written, one could be
                                confused ,when we read  2 v 24,'' You see that
                                a person is justified by what he does and not by
                                faith alone''.James is  writing to Jews , and the
                                 Jew believed that ,that all Israel has a
                                portion in the world to come ( Jew's daily prayer
                                book ) John the Baptist, and Jesus had to challenge
                                this hollow claim ,the words of John ,are in keeping
                                with what James is saying, ''Prove by the way you live
                                that you have repented of your sins and turned to God.
                                Don't just say to each other, We're safe '' (Matthew 3
                                v 8- 9). James uses two examples of those who showed
                                 their faith, Abraham and Rahab, As the heading in my
                                Bible declares ,Real faith shows itself by deeds.

                                                           Michael Green.
                               '' The message is not out of place in the contemporary
                                church, too prone to regard baptism and churchgoing
                                as sufficient pledges of eternal security whither or not
                                there is in the lives of the people any fruit in keeping
                                with repentance.''

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