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Friday, 4 August 2017

I am not religious. ( Matthew 6 v 23 )

                             There she was a beautiful young lady
                              a famous film star, the daughter of a
                              a famous film star. She was being
                              interviewed by a reporter, she voiced
                              her opinion on different subjects
                              Here is what she said as regards her beliefs,
                              ''I'm not religious, but I am spiritual, I
                              don't follow a particular religion but do
                              believe in a god, that there is something
                              out there- it could be aliens''. All I can say
                              if  one relies on one's own understanding,
                              you get further and further away from the
                                    Jesus said I am the light of the
                                    world; he that followeth  me
                                    shall not walk in darkness,but
                                    shall have the light of  life.
                                             ( John 8 v12 )

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