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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Knowing God . ( John 20 v 28 )

                             David Atkinson, wrote,'' A god whom we
                               know through our own reasoning is not
                             the God of the Bible or of the  Christian
                             church.'' A friend of mine was talking to
                             Jewish lady, who expressed an interest in
                             Christianity . so he told her about Jesus, and he
                             told her that He was God , He showed her a
                             passage from the OT, which the Jew's still
                             use, as the word of God . It reads ,'The virgin
                             will be with child and will give birth to a son,
                             and will call him Immanuel. 'Immanuel means
                             'God with us', This scripture was fulfilled when
                             Jesus was born ,and it means what it says.

                                                A. W. Tozer.

                             ''God came to us in the incarnation, in incarnation;
                             in atonement He reconciled us to Himself, and by
                             faith and love we enter and lay hold on Him.''

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