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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Jesus saves . ( Philippians 3 v 1 - 11 ]

                          James 1 v 18 ,reads,' Show me your faith''
                          the answer is, 'I will show you my faith by what
                          I do'. James is not speaking of being by saved
                          by works, for that goes against ,what we are
                          in so many other scriptures. ( Eph 2 v 8-9/
                          Titus 3 v 5./ Isa 64 v 6 ) The only work that can
                           us, is the finished work of  Christ. The salvation
                           of a person is by grace ,Gods unmerited favour,
                           and mercy, the person who fails to see this, shuts
                          themselves of from salvation. The only thing we
                           bring to be saved is our sins, in  order that they
                           be forgiven. Tomorrow we will look at ,what
                            James means ,when he writes ,on saving faith.

                                    Not what my hands have done
                                    Can save my guilty soul;
                                    Thy work alone O Christ,
                                    Can ease this weight of sin;
                                    Thy blood alone, O Lamb of  God,
                                     Can give me peace within.

                                             ( Words...H. Bonar )


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