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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Join the club. ( Luke 15 v 11- 31 )

                          So it did not happen, the fastest man to run
                          the metres ,did not win the final at the World
                          championship in London. To many he is an idol
                          who appeared unbeatable, but it was not to be.
                          Of course if one follows sport ,we soon find out
                          that favourites do not always win. Simply, because
                          we are talking about human beings ,not machines.
                          The football team I follow on the TV will not
                          always win, because that's the way life  is. Failing
                          is not nice, no one likes to fail ,but we will, the
                          question is this we can grow in failures, or we can
                          shrivel up and die, that goes for a failed marriage,
                          a failed business , a failure , morally. As a Christian
                          I believe one can rise from failure, the fact is, we are
                          all failures, for we are all sinners. To not recognise
                          that fact ,is the greatest failure of all, to accept this
                          truth, is the first step in rising up from all our failures,
                          and it starts at the cross of Jesus.

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