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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Wedding vows [Ecclesiastes 5 v 4 - 5 ]

A husband of a Christian friend of mine is needing a lot of care, I mentioned it to her, and she replied,'' It comes with the licence''. Many people have changed the vows they make when they get married now,but when my friend and her husband got married they  spoke the following.
                          Wilt thou have this woman to be
                           Thou wedded wife, to live together
                          according to God's ordinance
                          in the holy state of matrimony?                      
                          Wilt thou love her, comfort her,
                            honour and keep her,
                           in sickness and in health;
                           and forsaking all other,
                           keep thee only unto her,
                           so long as you both shall live.
My they are very challenging words, we are not only saying these words to each  other, but in the presence of the Lord, and that is why it is so serious.
He expects us to be faithful as to what we vow, My friend is right, it comes with the licence, how are we living up to it?.
                               A  prayer.
Dear God help us to be faithful to our wedding vow's, as long as we both
shall live, in Jesus name Amen.

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