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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Saved [ John 3 v16 ]

Now we have been considering Acts 16 ,and what happened when Paul and Silas visited there, and we had come to the place, when after being beaten, they were put into prison. So that was that?, no, we have to read the whole story, to see how God worked out things. The first thing we read that these dear men they started a prayer meeting up and started to praise God. The jailer, and the other prisoners must have heard, but most of all God heard, and not only did He hear, but He answered there prayers. Let us remember nothing can cut us off from our God. Suddenly there was an earthquake, the doors flew open and every persons chains came loose. We then read how the jailer woke up, and was going to kill himself, because, he thought everyone had escaped that meant he would be held responsible. Paul shouted out to him not to kill himself, and that all the prisoners were still there. At this the jailer called for lights, and then he went in trembling,fell before Paul and Silas, and asked,sirs, what must I do to be saved?. A young man I knew was dying, and a friend came to see him, and the young man asked this same question. The good news is both  ,believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and got saved, the gospel is good news,  it is for the whosoever
yes even for you.
                           Hear is a little prayer you can pray
                           if you want to be saved.

Dear Lord Jesus, forgave me  my sins, and come into my life, Amen.

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