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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Telling and praying [ 1 Timothy 2 v 1-4 ]

I was out walking, when I came into contact with a lady, whom I had met recently, we walked together for a while. As we walked I witnessed to her
it was a brief word of witness, but it was hopefully enough for her to come and accept Christ as her Saviour. Will you pray for that lady, that the short witness ,will be blessed to her salvation. I have an older sister, I have prayed  for her for a long time,recently my concern for her has grown,will
you pray for her that, like that woman she may come to know Christ as her
Saviour. Keep witnessing ,keep praying, for the lost, to the our loving God,
who would have all to be saved and come to an knowledge of the truth.

                           When Jesus has found you, tell others the story,
                           That my loving Saviour is your Saviour too;
                           Then pray that your Saviour may bring them to glory,
                           And prayer will be answered, it was answered
                                                   For you.
                                         [Words by Samuel.o'M. Cluff]

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