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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Sell all. [ Mark 10 v17-31 ]

Commenting on John the Baptist, William Barclay, mentioned two things, about the clothes he wore, and his relationship with God[Matthew 3].He did
not wear,'' The soft and comfortable luxuries which kills the soul''. Next he says,'' He gave himself a chance to hear the voice of God''. As I read these word I must confess they challenged me, as regards the first I have plenty soft and comfortable luxuries. The question I ask are they killing my soul?, I do not know but I do know that so many things can destroy our souls. Judas is not the only one who killed his soul for money, we read of a rich person who came to Jesus desiring to know how he could inherit eternal life, he was a religious person. He was told to sell all and gave all to the poor, but alas instead of saving his soul, he killed it. It could be money, it could be anything that is more important than Christ, I suppose the question is ,how much do we value our souls?.
                                              A prayer.
Dear Lord grant us grace to see what or who is more important, and help us to make the right choice, for our souls sake. Amen.

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