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Sunday, 26 February 2017

He will guide. [Proverbs 3 v5-6 .av]

It is hard sometimes to know what to do, which way to turn, people look to the stars, everyday they turn to their star guides. People used to read the tea left in the bottom of their cup, I suppose that's fell out of favour, since most people use tea bags now. But here is a more certain way, which encouraged
me, it is the word of God to us all today, to those who know the Lord.'' I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, I will guide you with My eye[Psalm 32v8].Jesus said ,follow me, in other words He wants us to keep our eyes on Him, yes we have but to follow. If we do, He will guide us, just as sure as He guided Israel through the wilderness. The old
gospel song goes,'' He guides the eagle through the pathless air'', and so He will guide us who are His children, all the days of our life, he does not just guide us when we are young but when we are old. This also means that he will guide all His children, not just missionaries, ministers, but all His children,irrespective of age yes even youngsters ,parents teach your children,that God will guide them, of course show them by your example. Don't panic when there appears no way forward, out of your difficulties, God will not forsake you, He can make a way out of them.

                                     A  prayer.
Dear Lord thank you that we have the assurance that you will guide your children all the days of their lives, Amen

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