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Saturday, 11 February 2017

My dearset friend. [ Luke 15 v11-31 ]

I remember a man call Alec, who was a very bright Christian, and I remember how he appeared to be walking away from the Lord .I spoke to him and became emotional, as I sought to reason with him. I also remember with sadness as a young person walking away from the Lord, I yielded to
temptation. My dear brother walked away because of wrong things he saw in his church, and so the list goes on. The nation of Israel were a people who continually walked away from God, following other Gods there are reasons of course why people walk away from the Lord, but the fact is this ,there are no advantages, in this, none what so ever. First of all I
want you to know that God still loves us, He will always love us,though
we may not feel He does, we feel hurt, and maybe even bitter, because, there is always a because, but it does help being bitter, nor giving up on the best friend and Father there is. The thing I have found out that Jesus is the one person who is always there ,in all my hurts, loneliness, always, I could not live without His friendship. Many years when   I was away from my dearest Friend ,I went to a Christian service, I do not remember what was preached, but I do remember, having an overwhelming feeling of my need,
and that night I came back to my dearest friend. There is an old hymn that comes to mind, I will prayerfully leave it with you.

                           I've wandered far away from God
                           Now I'm coming home;
                           The paths of sin too long I've trod;
                           Lord  ,I'm coming home.

                          I've wasted many precious years;
                          Now I'm coming home;
                          I now repent with  bitter tears;
                          Lord, I'm coming home.

                          My soul is sick, my heart is sore;
                          Now I'm coming home;
                          My strength renew, my hope restore;
                          Lord, I'm coming home.

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