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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

I pitch my tent. [ Revelation 1 v 8 - 18]

I will share something I read recently with you,'' Bishop Handley Moule died in 1920. In January 1919 he wrote to a nephew: I have often prayed that daily ,and to the end. I may live as in a tent pitched between the Cross
and the grave of our Lord- the empty Cross, symbol and seal of His finished work of sacrifice and redemption, the empty grave, likewise the evidence and pledge of His eternal victory for us over the last enemy,death, and  of our hid with Him in God. May your tent be ever there also'' Alec Motyer
commenting on this wrote,'' And there, we might say, not only because of the power of the cross in the face of death, but also because of the power of
the power of the cross and resurrection in the face of death, but also because of their power in the face of life''

                              Safe shelter from alarm and loss
                              I sit within my quite tent;
                              ''Twixt here a Grave and there a Cross
                              My days and night in peace are spent

                              Peace, peace and glory now he gives,
                              Fair fruits of his unfathomed woes,
                              And with me in that he lives,
                              The Lamb that died, and life that rose''

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