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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Yes it is very serious. ( Genese 19 v 14 ]

                              I have always enjoyed ,'Readers digest',
                              the first item I turn to is , 'Laugh'. Here are two
                              jokes,' What do  Alexander the Great, and
                              Winnie  the Pooh have in common ?. Same
                              middle name'. I hope that brought a smile
                              to your face. Humour is  an important part
                              of life. The Hitler's and Stalin's took them-
                              selves very serious, and of course it  showed.
                              Life would be so much better if we  could
                              laugh. I heard a comedian telling that when
                              he was born, people would  look at him in his
                              pram, and they would say, oh what , a baby,
                              he was making the point that he was not very
                              cute. Yes comedians are very popular, but
                              the message of the Bible is very serious, we
                              neglect it to our cost. Sin and its consequence
                              is very serious, serious enough for Jesus to die
                              in order that we may receive eternal life, now
                              that's no joking matter, in fact its very, very

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