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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Pray for me. ( Ephesians 6 v 19 )

                     To me this daily reading  is important, as
                     indeed is my preaching.  I pray about these
                     ministries , so when I saw the  finished
                     article was looking like a dogs dinner, I was
                     concerned. My son tried to help me but to no avail
                     so I prayed the result is this new format. It appears
                     to be working, I am relieved and thankful to God,
                     Now I know my grammar and spelling may never
                     be perfect ,but I do hope it is reasonable. I do my best
                     imperfect though it be , I am always studying Gods
                     word, always trying to grow in understanding of that
                     precious book, always seeking to preach and teach
                     Gods word, that Gods people may be blessed. I share
                     this with you and ask that you would pray for me ,as
                     I serve God , we are all called to serve , it may be less
                     than perfect , but be assured God can use us.

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