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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Attached. [ Galations 4 v1-11 ]

It is John Stott who writes the following on the results of being in Christ,'' they speak with powerful relevance to us today. For our generation is busy developing a philosophy of meaninglessness. It is fashionable nowadays to believe[ or to say you believe] that life has no meaning, no purpose. There are many who admit that they have nothing to live for. They do not feel that they belong anywhere ,or, if they belong, it is to the group known as 'the unattached'. They class themselves as' outsiders',' misfits. They are without anchor, security or home. In biblical language, they are 'lost'.'' I can identify with what JS writes, as a young away from God, I started questioning life as to why we exist, and it was only when I surrendered to Christ, did I find meaning. As JS writes '',I  the unattached became attached. I found my place in eternity[related first and foremost to God as His son], in society[ related to each other as brothers and sisters in the same family] and in history[related also to the succession of God's people down the ages''. Yes I am no longer unattached, no longer lost, no longer without purpose, no longer without hope,

                                       A  prayer.
Dear God we thank You that we can know hope, we can have a purpose, we can have a future that goes beyond time, when Jesus is our Saviour. Amen.

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