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Monday, 24 July 2017

Start ....Use...Do. ( Matthew 25 v 14 30.)

                            Arthur Ash a great tennis player
                            said the following.

                                       Start where you are,
                                       use what you have ,
                                       do what you can.

             It is said that far of fields look green ,the term missionary
             conquers up  the idea of romance, even adventure, but in
             reality it's not. We do  not start being missionary in
             a far of country we start at home, where we are.
             We often think if only I was more gifted, I could accomplish
             so much, use what you have, we all  been given gifts by God,
              use what you have  been given the need is great, millions
              of  people need help and support, do what you can.

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