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Monday, 31 July 2017

Forgetfulness ( Psalm 9 v17 )

                              I was listening to a  radio program,
                              and  the presenter kept using the term
                              nature, and I thought ,why do they not
                              use the word creation?, but they don't  .
                              It seems the longer I live, the more God
                              has been relegated to Him who should not
                              be named.  In all the people appearing on
                              TV,  or the radio, God is  left out. This is
                               not something new ,we read these words
                               in Isaiah 17 v 10,''You have forgotten
                               God your Saviour''. It was and still is a
                               serious thing to forget about God, in
                               Psalm 9 v17,we read,' The wicked shall
                               be  turned into hell, and all the nations that
                               forget about God.'

                                     How dreadful be the doom of
                                      the wicked.
                                         ( W. Plumer)


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