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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Man of sorrows ( Hebrews 4 v 14- 16 )

                            A young lad aged four, said the following,''I
                            wish that Dada could walk like other dadas
                            I want to cry for ever'' ,His father suffers from
                            motor neurone disease (MND ) Those words
                            'I  want to cry for ever', uttered by that young
                             child touched me. Children  are effected by
                            the suffering  of others, Prince  Harry recently
                            has spoken about the death of his mother,and
                            how it effected him. I want cry for ever, caused
                            me to think of  Jesus, who was called a man of
                            sorrows, and  I found myself asking, does  Jesus
                            still shed tears in heaven, I do not know, but this
                            I believe that He feels deeply for His suffering
                            creation, He takes all our suffering seriously, as
                            the words of an old hymn reads,' No one understands
                            like Jesus' , come to Him now in all your sorrow
                            and  brokenness, and let Him dry your tears, and heal
                            your hurts.

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