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Friday, 7 July 2017

Attitude [ Philippians 2 v5-11 ]

Consider the following,' Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus'. Read these words slowly consider what they mean to you, for they are very challenging, what does it mean, is our viewpoint the same as Christ's?, is our outlook the same as Christ's?. How much does our lives correspond with Christ's?. It is no good saying that's the way I am, no the way we are should be like Christ, in everything, lets not omit anything, that means no racism, no wrong sexual behaviour, no holding on when we should be letting go. No saying yes when we should be saying no, no doing when we should be going when we should stopping, Years ago there was a book and its theme was ,what would Jesus do?. When you are driving and someone cuts you up, what would Jesus?, when the girl in the checkout is not pleasant what would Jesus do?. When our children annoy us, what would Jesus do?. when someone whose not very nice to us what would Jesus do?.
                                         A  prayer.
Father the challenge for all us is immense, to be like our Saviour, help us to some degree, by your grace, to rise to the challenge Amen.

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