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Sunday, 23 July 2017

The scriptuers (John 5 v 39-40 )

                                    Philip Pullmam author wrote
                                    the following.

                    ''The place religion has in our lives is a permanent
                    one. There's no point in condemning it, because it's
                    part of the human mind to ask who made us, why
                    are we here,  what is the purpose of life, what happens
                    when I die. To become censorious about it, to say there
                    is no God , doesn't  help. The Bible is the most book-
                    I wouldn't be without it. It's  a library of all kind of stories;
                    poetry , history, mythology, crazy ravings. It's got it all.
                    Not much humour in it, though.''

                    These are interesting comments ,I of course do not agree
                    with a lot he say's. What did Jesus say about the scriptures?
                    In John 5,our Saviour is talking to religious leaders, people
                    who valued greatly the scriptures , but were blind  to there true
                    meaning,'' You pore over the scriptures for you imagine that
                    you will find eternal life in them. And all the time they give
                    their testimony to me, but  you are not willing to come to me
                    to have real life''
                                           ( J. B . Phillips translation)


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