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Friday, 28 July 2017

Better He choose ( Psalm 47 v4 )

                             Having attended Bible college for three
                             years, living by faith, this meant we had
                             trusted God to meet all our needs. We had
                             three children, it was very challenging. I
                             who had not liked school had successfully
                             completed the course. I had done everything
                             one is supposed to do to qualify for missionary
                             work. We applied to the mission we thought
                             was Gods  place for us,  only to receive word,
                              they would not accept us, we did not even get
                              an interview. This was the pattern with most of
                              the missions we applied for. My dear wife even
                              completed a year at Bible college, but it did  not
                              Change anything.  Looking back now I can trace
                              Gods leading, but at the time it was hard. A verse
                              in Psalm 47 v4 was encouraging and instructive
                              it reads'', He  will choose  our inheritance for us''.
                              and here's the good news He did.

                                  ''I loved to choose and see my path
                                   but  now lead me on''
                                      (  J.H. Newman)

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