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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

No good crying ( Isaiah 1 v 18)

My wife and I were out shopping so we stopped  to have a break in a stores
café, she had a class of milk, when to her displeasure , she spilt it. Well you
know what they say ,no good crying over spilt milk.  The fact is one cannot do  anything about spilling milk, other than wipe it up.  So it is in life when we make mistakes ,we cannot change this, we have to move on . Of  course there  are more   serious things than spilling a glass of milk, some  very serious  things, like unfaithfulness . The good news is no matter how serious  it may be ,if we seek Gods forgiveness , He will not only forgive ,but He can help us  and restore us. So stop crying over the spilt milk.

                                     A  prayer.
Dear  God grant us the grace to move on when we spill milk, no matter how serious  it be, in Jesus name Amen


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