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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The Way. ( John 14 v 6 )

Before the followers of Christ ,became known as Christians, they where known as followers of the way.( Acts 9 v 2 ) It inferred  that they where followers of Jesus,and that as Jim Wallis writes,''Their faith produced a discernible lifestyle , a way of life. Christian belief became identified with a certain kind of behaviour''.I attended a prayer meeting recently ,on of the leaders of that church, acted very ungraciously towards two young Christian ladies. Now he was not feeling well, and I am not judging  him,for it is easy to do what He did,but the question is this,will he apologise to those two girls, will he ask for their forgiveness?.As a follower of the way,he should, I hope he will,the fact is we will at times say or do something we shouldn't ,it is how we respond that is important, for after all we are followers of the way.                                                                                                                                                                                       Selwyn  Hughes                                                                                                            'The Way is the way unqualified.It is the way to do everything,                                                                to think, to feel,to act, to conduct oneself in every possible                                                                      circumstances. It is the way written into everything, the only                                                                 way that works. All alternatives to the way turn out to be ways                                                               to ruin. There are many wrong ways, but only one right way.                                                                   Life, to me, is one long corroboration of that fact.''

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