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Monday, 30 April 2018

Cold logic ' ( Psalm 73 )

Job had three friends they are usually called Job's comforters,although they did not brign him much comfort.Writing on Eliphaz, David Atkinson comments how he infers Job's suffering was caused by his wrong doings,in other words,he is saying ,that Job was reaping what he sowed.Now of course that is true in many cases, but the fact is Job's suffering was not because of his sin. As DA comments'',Eliphaz is replacing theology with causal  logic. He is taking  a right theological principle and turning it on its head in a way which is both wrong and unfair'' He goes on to write,'' Eliphaz has left faith in the living God in favour of logic, he fails to distinguish between earthly and heavenly perspective.'' Many people are disciples of Eliphaz, they try to fit things like suffering into their mindset, instead of seeing that many things cannot  be explained by our logic.We are children of faith ,faith in a God and  a Saviour we cannot see,and whose ways are past finding out. Again DA comments on Eliphaz writes,'' The moral universe of  the gracious all- sovereign Creator God has been replaced by a smaller universe of natural causes,and material values.

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