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Saturday, 7 April 2018

A man possessed . ( John 8 v 34 )

I was speaking recently on Judas Iscariot,people speculate as to why he betrayed Jesus ,well we do not have to speculate. If we stick to what is revealed in Scripture, well the first thing we are told about him he was a thief John 12 v 6, this was said about him,when he he complained about the woman who poured expensive perfume over Jesus. The woman did this as a lovely act of  devotion to Jesus ,in relation to His death.The  next thing we see about Judas he did not care for the poor ( John 12 v 5 ), he would not have agreed that the poor where blessed (Luke 6 v 20 ).Unlike Jesus who was caring and loving he was uncaring ,he was given a position of trust,and he turned out untrustworthy ,for he was the in charge of the finances, but he cooked the books, helping himself,to what we wanted.When Jesus rebuked him for  his reproaching the woman who poured the perfume over Jesus  feet, he must have felt hard done by,for the money would have gone into the common purse,which he had control of. He immediately went to the chief priests,to betray Jesus for money.This was a man who was controlled by a lust for money,and did not care how he got it.And of course the devil took every advantage of  this man,as he will with any of us if we open ourselves to him. Our lusts can so easily control us,so much so we do not care as to others,not care as regards to the consequences. Like Judas the devil can then take advantage and use us for his own filthy ends and even for our destruction,for make no mistake about Judas,there was only one place Judas would end up,and it was not Heaven.

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