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Friday, 27 April 2018

You must be born again. ( John 3 v 7 )

Take yourself back to the days of the early church, Jesus had left and gone back to heaven,but of course His presence was with them, in the person of the Holy Spirit. So it means for them and us  that not only is Jesus with us, He dwells within us, every true Christian has the Holy Spirit within them,this happens when a person is born again ,it is spiritual rebirth,it comes when we trust Jesus as our Saviour (John  1 v 10 - 13). This is does not come about by natural means,it is a work of God,the moment we accept Christ,confessing our sin,for He is a Saviour, sins need forgiven,we become  children of God. Money cannot buy this ,nor can religion  make us children of God ,it is a free gift ( Romans 6 v  23) Everyone is not automatically a child of God ,to those who have never received Jesus we are objects of wrath,Jesus told some very religious people they belonged to their father the devil  ( John 8 v 44 ).  Jesus says there will come a day in when all man will stand in the judgement, claiming to be His, and he will reply, depart from Me I never knew you.( Matthew 7 v 23 ).The serious thing about those words ,these people said they knew Jesus,they were living under a allusion , those who are truly His, are not workers of iniquity.The evidence that we are  Children of God,is manifest in a life that is holy,obedient,loving ,filled with good works.None of these things save us but without them we are showing no evidence that we are true children of God.

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