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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Amnesia ( John 1 )

It must be very frightening  to suffer from amnesia, when you cannot remember the past, who you are,or whatever ,there are different reasons  why ,one can suffer amnesia. Whatever the reason ,it is not nice, imagine not being able to recognise those you love. Amnesia cant be helped ,but  there is  a spiritual amnesia that can be helped, the ancient Israelites  where inclined to spiritual amnesia,here is what we read in Jeremiah 2 v 32 ,''My people have forgotten me, days without number'', in those times they would have been like Pharaoh who replied to Moses ,''who is the Lord. ''(Ex .5 v 2 ). Sin so distortes  mans  being, that spiritual amnesia settles in., so many are blinded by minds that  for a long time have forgotten that there is a God. They look up into the universe and all they see are stars, and planets ,and fail to remember, the one who created those heavenly bodies..The vast amount of people cannot remember there is a God,who exists, rules and reigns over the whole universe. The result is they live as if there is no God,whom they are accountable to.They look at life with a vacant forgetfulness, not knowing anything about their maker,even denying that they have a maker,choosing to hold unto,the god called evolution.Of course this god does not ask anything of them, neither are they accountable to it,oh no in their spiritual amnesia,they wander lonely as a cloud, not knowing where they came from,or where they are going.The so called smart Alec's of this world , send rockets into space to find out if there is anybody out there.?. Well let me answer that question, there is, and He not only made this world but He visited this world,His name is Jesus , who came to save the forgetful people.

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