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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Job ( James 5 v 11)

''The book of Job is about the unchanging human realities - war, destitution, sickness,humiliation,         bereavement,depression.Also the unchanging goodness of God , who transforms our human agony into justice, kindness,love and joy. It is about the 'terror of the Lord'( 2 Cor 5 v 11 ) and His great  tenderness  ( Jas  5 v 11). It is the story of one man who held on to his life in God with a faith that  survived the torments of utter loss and expanded into new wonders and delight.'' These are word by  Francis I . Anderson in the  preface of his book on Job,the book of Job is one of deep meaning and is helpful to all of us,it challenges all who look to God for a quick fix,and helps us to see that when we loose everything, God remains with us, our  Rock.

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