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Monday, 14 May 2018

But God is love. ( Romans 1 v 18 )

I am reminded often, that this generation has not a clue as regards Christianity, this is true, I have a window cleaner ,a nice young lad,but he knows nothing about Christianity. So what is one to do? I suppose we have to take into consideration how we communicate the gospel.When we speak about sin, how should we make the meaning known I want to quote from John Piper's little book', ''Fifty reasons why Jesus came to die''. Hear is  what he has to say about sin,''God's law demanded ,  /You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might, Deuteronomy 6 v 5./But we have all loved other things more.This is what sin is- dishonouring God by preferring other things over Him, and acting on these preferences''. Jesus followed this by also saying, '' The second is this; Love your neighbour as yourself '', neighbour just means anybody and everybody.Now lets be honest with ourselves,let us all be honest, none of us have ever,or will ever love, to the extent that these two commandments demand..In that case we are all sinners,sin must be judged,must be, for God can,nor will he ever look kindly on sin,he cannot ignore   sin,He must ,again I stress, God must judge sin.People cannot bear to think that God, the God of love would judge people. Yes He is a God of love, but He is also called a judge, who will meet out justice to the guilty, The question is how can He save people from judgement ,next time we will consider how He did this.

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