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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Nothing to fear ( Romans 8 v 34 - 39)

There are ladies causing a bit of a stir in Iran,they have decided that they do not want to wear a veil,even though it is compulsory ,with a possible ten year sentence in prison, if found guilty. One lady who broke the law was assaulted by a morality police woman. Is it a sign that things are going to change in Iran?,I hope so, oppressive politics and oppressive religion are hard task masters,who show little mercy to those who do not conform.If they feel in any way threatened a person may end up on a cross.or maybe stoned to death,or imprisoned and tortured.. These oppressive systems do not compromise,any who do,will suffer the consequences.Now of course those who appear to represent Christ,have not always acted right ,and burned to death those who challenged those in charge . These political , and religious states,rule by fear, fear of man, not true fear of God.The fear of God is about holding God in deep reference,and seeking not to act in any way that would offend Him,to do otherwise is to court serious trouble.  God is not to be trifled with,if we do ,then God will deal with us ,to live under Gods rule is the most glorious experience.We are not to live in dread of God,he has not brought us into His family through Jesus,in order that we live oppressed by dread and fear ,he opens the door for us so that we may know joy and peace. God is not an oppressive God,but one who loves and Christian has anything to fear from God. Christians are not in the business of stoning anyone to death,or torturing anyone,as a Christian we warn people of the consequences of sin eternally,Out responsibility is to tell all  that is there forgiveness that can be experienced by trusting Jesus.

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