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Friday, 25 May 2018

True love. ( John 21 v 19 )

Tom Gledhill writes the Following,  ''True love is adventurous,and every adventure involves risk-taking'',it reminds me of a popular song,you took a chance on me.There are different types of love,Christianity is a love story, it involves God and man,and man and God.Our Lord asked Peter, did he love Him?. Of course he did, though his love was a a flawed love, but a love for all that,only God loves perfectly. Consider the disciples ,they loved the Lord,and life did become an adventure, that involved great risk. One never knows where this love will take us,Jesus mentioned to the ends of the earth ( Acts 1 v 8 )This love demands forsaking all others,it is like the wedding vow,there is no divorce in it.If you follow Jesus it may bring you into danger,difficulties,hurdles to overcome,chances to take,that you would not ordinary take or even desire. Yet with every step we follow the one we love, more than any other,Jesus, yes He will be with us,as He has promised. It is written of Jesus ,that for the joy set before Him,he endured the cross,scorning its shame''.( Hebrews 12 v 2 ) Let all of us have eternal vision,of the glory that lies in front of us,here the cross there the glory,a glory that shall never fail or fade. True love always comes at a price, let us be willing to pay that price and follow the one we love.

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