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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Driverless Cars ( Hebrews 13 v 8 )

''Who will win the race for a driverless car?'',so read the words in a national news paper, the question on my mind is this,if one has an accident ,who pays out on the insurance. You can imagine someone saying it was not me it was the cars fault.Also will it do away with driving and drinking.?will it do away with breaking speed limit?. Would you drive one?,will tell us off, for being a backseat driver? when you are selling it,you can say it only had one driver,well enough of my frivolity. Lets face it we live in a very serious world, and I know there is an awful lot of suffering,pain and hardship for many people. As a minister and a Christian I deal with very serious issues,yet the scripture tells us, that 'there is a time weep, and time to laugh', ( Ecclesiastes 3 v 4 ) Derek Kidner writing on Ecc 3 v 1 -8 about all the different  contrasts in life says, ' Whatever may be our skill and initiative, our  real masters seem to be these these inexorable seasons:not only those of the calendar, but that tide of events which moves us to one kind of action which seems fitting,now to another which puts it all in reverse'. I wonder what season are you in now?In such changeable situations it is great to in a wonderful relationship  with a wonderful Saviour who .never changes..

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