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Friday, 18 May 2018

One day ( 1 John 3 v 3 - 2 )

The Christian life is very challenging,because we continually have to cope with the world ,the flesh, and the devil.Sometimes one feels one is making headway.Of course we cope ,because the dear Holy Spirit helps,and by Gods grace I can say , I am not what I once was,but I am not what I want to be,I wish I could love God as much as I should,I wish I. could love others as much as I should,but I don't I opened up dear old C.H.Spurgeon, ' Morning and Evening', and was encouraged  by what I read,''At present, corruption yet remains even in the breasts of the regenerate- experience soon teaches us this. Within us are still lust and evil imaginations.'' we all can identify  with those words,written by a man of God. ''But I rejoice to know that the day is coming when God shall finish the work He has begun.Yes one day no more wrestling no more striving, one day,yes one day,when we will be removed out of the place of striving against all sorts of evil,yes one day.

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