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Thursday, 9 March 2017

What about now? [ Revelation 2 v1-7 ]

I read these words recently. that the secret of England's greatness, was the Bible. Greatness it seems is what most nations want. President Trump wants to make his country great, it is though that Mr Putin want to restore Russia to be once again a great power. As to that saying about the secret of England's greatness,I will leave that for God judgement.Yet there is no doubt that the Christian influence had an effect on England,  Yet like many countries, many people did not believe  in Christ, many people did attend church, mighty movements by Gods Spirit had an effect upon the United Kingdom. Wales experienced revival, likewise Ulster, there where movements in Scotland.In England God raised up great ministries, and great ministers, but it is all past history as with many western countries there has been a sharp decline in the Church of Christ. I cannot say that the scriptures have any real place in England now, although Bishops take there place in our parliamentary system, there voice is rarely heard. England is still a great country but that former greatness is gone. What it was and what it is now is sadly different,it does raise a question for all of us who are Christian, can it be said, that our testimony relates only to the past?, that what we once where, and what we are now ,are sadly different?.
                                             A  prayer.
Dear Lord help us to manifest the reality of You in our lives now, in your name we ask this Amen

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