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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Does God answer prayer?. [ Hebrews 11 v 6 ]

Following on from yesterday as regards superstition, I read the following from a book by Leonard Merrick, two men, one called Conrad, the other called Mr.  Irquetson,''Do you think prayers are ever answered?,inquired
Conrad'', well do you believe that?, Mr Conrad was not sure  though he prayed often, Mr Irquetson went on to say,'' Once he said,'' I was passing with a friend through Grosvenor Street. ......we came to a ladder leaning against a house, my friend passed around it, and raised his hat to it. You may know the superstition. He was a university man....I said to him, is it possible you believe that nonsense? He said, N-no, I don't exactly believe in it, but I never throw away a chance.'' Suddenly the vicar's inflexion changed,his utterance was solemn, stirring, devout.'' I think, sir, that most people pray on my friends principle- they don't believe in it, but they never throw away a chance.'' William Barclay comments,'' For many people prayer is either a pious ritual or a forlorn hope. It should be a thing of burning expectation. Maybe our trouble is that what we want from God is our answer, and we do not recognize His answer when it comes.
  [Taken from W. Barclay's daily notes on Marks Gospel]

                           Lord teach us how to pray. Amen.

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