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Friday, 17 March 2017

Propitiation [ John 3 v16]

Now I mentioned in my last devotional the importance of preaching, and indeed believing the whole truth, which God expects us to do. Now there was a person called C. H. Dodd who was uneasy with the whole idea of God manifesting wrath, it appeared inconceivable ,he took exception, to the word propitiation,'' which refers to satisfying or setting aside wrath,'' Dodd
would not accept this, And he committed the awful crime that no translator should commit, he changed propitiation, to ,expiation which refers to cancelling sin, in Romans 3 v25,and the two references in 1 John 2 v2/4 v10,propitiation is omitted. This is something that J Ws do especially in relation to the deity of Christ. Unfortunately  he has his followers,people
who continue to shy away from God, manifesting wrath. Dodd denied that
Gods wrath was personal. The fact of the matter is ,right throughout the
Bible God personally deals with those who sinned, both in the Old and in the New. The fact is this when Christ died on the cross, he experienced the
wrath of God ,that all who believe in Him would not. We cannot appease God, it is God alone, in order to do that. I quote D.A.Carson'' God the Father is thus the propitiator, and the propitiated, and God the Son is the
                                               A  prayer.
Dear God help us to see how awful our fate will be, if we do know Jesus as our own and personal Saviour Amen.

               [ I will return to my devotional 29th March, every

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