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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Against all the odds [ Romans 5 v 6-8 ]

I was watching a nice movie, called Hugo, about a young lad who was left to fend for himself in a railway station. He was good at fixing things, and near the  end of the movie, an old man who had been a famous movie maker but had withdrawn from the public gaze. Hugo had helped him to as it were to make a come back,declares , that his come back was due to a young man[ Hugo ]''who saw a broken machine, and against all the odds fixed it.' ''Those words struck a cord with me, for I am reminded of another young man called Jesus ,who saw a world full of people ,whose lives were broken, and against all the odds, he fixed them . I can think of so many people ,who were broken by their sinful ways, and broken by this sinful world, and against all the odds  He fixed them. I will leave you with the words of a gospel hymn I used to sing, it is called ,''Broken pieces.''

                                 Have you failed in life's battle ,
                                 to accomplish your plan?
                                 Is your heart heavy laden?
                                 do you fear the Lord's command.?.

                                 You may feel there's no hope
                                 broken hearts just cannot mend.
                                 Tho you're torn in many pieces,
                                 Christ can make you whole again.

                                 Pick up the broken pieces
                                 and bring them to the Lord.
                                 Pick up the broken pieces,
                                 trust in His holy Word;
                                 He will put them back together
                                 and make your life complete,
                                 Just place the broken pieces
                                 at the Saviour's feet.

                                    [Words Ruby Kitchen ]

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