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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Peace be still [ Mark 4 v 35-40]

I was out walking, it was a lovely day, reminding me that winter is slowly going, I also noticed that there where blossoms on some trees. There was a wind blowing, a soft wind, not cold but pleasant, depending were it comes from, will determine what sort of wind it will be. But today it was a soft wind, tomorrow it could be a cold, and destructive wind, it caused me to think, how life is full of situations, in which we feel we are in a storm ,or we find ourselves, in a destructive storm, like a hurricane. Now of course I am using the wind as an illustration, of what live is like, none of us have control over the wind, it blows whatever way it chooses, or rather whatever way God chooses[Psalm 148 v8].Yes today a soft wind, tomorrow ,God knows, and most  important He is in control, the disciples where in a storm and Jesus was with them,[Mark 4 v35-40], the Lord is always with us. The
disciples were scared out of their lives, and so they go to Jesus who was sleeping, The wake Him with words,'' Master carest thou not that we perish?
They felt they were going to perish, but more than that they felt that He did not care. They were wrong on both accounts, they did not perish, and He most differently did care, Jesus rose up, rebuked the wind, spoke to the sea,
''Peace be still'', and the wind ceased and there was a great calm.

                             And He said unto them ,
                             Why are ye so fearful?
                              how is it that ye have
                              no faith.?
                              [Mark 4 v39]

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