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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Obedience [ Acts 1v 8]

I went up to a dear Christian brother and  spoke to him,he has just been diagnosed as having dementia, he is a former London City missionary. Even before he became a missionary he would visit ships in Tilbury docks, as I spoke to him he said how he still seeks to witness to people about Christ. His name is David, and I said to him you have witnessed to hundreds of people, yes people from all over the world. Let us never loose sight of this fact we all are called to be witnesses of Christ. Yes by our lives, but also by our words, you may have forgotten this , or neglected this , but we cannot shirk our responsibility to tell others about Jesus. How can we do it?,we are reserved, we are shy, we do not want to be known as a religious fanatic, we want to be liked, and accepted. People will  ostracise us, they may even
resent us, and what we have to say, make fun of us, pick on us .In looking back on my like ,and the times I have witnessed to people, I suppose I could have done it more tactful, with greater wisdom. Yes that is true, but I did try, I did pray,I  did obey,and the challenge to obey has not changed, to be a witness for Jesus.

                           Will you leave yourself behind
                            If  I but call your name?
                            Will you care for cruel and kind
                            And never be the same?
                            Will you risk the hostile stare,
                            Should your life attract or scare?
                            Will you let Me answer prayer
                             In you and you in Me.
                             [Words G. Maule/J L.Bell]

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