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Monday, 13 March 2017

Ignorance is not bliss. [ Matthew 28 v 18- 20]

I was speaking to a retired nurse, and asked why is it, that years ago so many people died in childbirth. Her answer was very simple, infection, in other words if more care had been taken with hygiene issues, many, many ,lives would have been saved .I suppose people were ignorant as to the dangers of infection, and put it down to one of those things. Ignorance is defined as lacking knowledge and education, in so many countries many people are still dying through lack of knowledge and education. But there is another aspect to ignorance, people are embracing, false religion, with dire consequences. because they have never heard the Gospel of our Lord Jesus
Christ . Now I know God is sovereign, but the fact is , they need to hear about Christ. We are saved ,because someone told us about Jesus, and the Spirit of God, used that to bring us to our Saviour. Could it be that many of us have been slack in not telling others the good news. Consider these challenging words from Romans 10 v 13ff.

                         ''Everyone who calls on the name of the
                           Lord, will be saved. How ,then, can they
                           call on the one they have not believed in?
                           And how can they believe in the one of
                           whom they have not heard? And how can
                           hear without someone preaching to them?''

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