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Friday, 10 March 2017

To obey or not to obey that is the question.[ John 15 v 14]

I found myself singing the words of  Psalm 137,it is written out of a very painful experience, what is known as the captivity of the Jews in Babylon,
which lasted 70 years. The question why did Gods people end up in captivity?, surely they were Gods people, and of course they were. Well was God not suppose to protect them ,and keep them from harm?, to appreciate the reason for the awful overthrow of  the Jews by the Babylonians, we have to turn to Deuteronomy 26 -28.We read how God made a covenant with Israel, but to enjoy the blessing involved in this covenant, God required obedience. To emphasise this ,it was clearly told to
them of the consquences of disobedience ,in words of a curse , and when they heard this the people would say, Amen. meaning ,so be it. At that time they agreed with it,but their time in living in the promised land,turned out a
disaster when more times than enough they disobeyed God. The situation
became so bad, evil from the Lord came upon them, a small number where spared, by being taken into captivity, but most were destroyed  by the
                                          A  prayer.
Dear God, help us who are your children ,to be obedient children in Jesus
name Amen.

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