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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Serious ( John 3 v 16 )

While in a restaurant in Northern Cyprus, I over heard a conversation of a waiter and some Hindu people, the subject of religion came up.Then the young water said,that they where not taking it serious,what he was saying,he asked them about heaven and hell,later as we were about to leave I had an opportunity to speak to him. I said that I take it serious and I believed in heaven and hell,and so followed a short conversation,when I spoke to Him ,pointing that Jesus was more than a prophet but a Saviour. As I left him I offered him a Christian booklet in Turkish, he took it ,and we shook hands and parted. Sad to say some Christians do not take the doctrine of hell serious,but I do,and my prayer is that the young Muslin will come to know Christ and to be saved from wrath to come.

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