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Monday, 4 June 2018

Faith and death . ( Psalm 90 )

''Im  holding on by one finger to my faith'', these are the words spoken by Simon Thomas, a young man who suddenly lost his wife,very quickly from cancer.He has lost his darling wife,but he has not lost his faith. One of the last things his wife wanted him to promise was, that he would not give up on his faith. He spoke of that peace that passeth all understanding, he never understood what those words meant until he lost his wife. Who knows how any of us would react to the death of someone we love, It could be that is what you are experiencing ,and you are wondering ,how you are going to cope , you will even if it appears you are holding on by one finger. God has not ,nor will He ever forsake you at this time.He will be with and all his  children in the darkest of valleys. Not only is He with you, He will comfort you, He will strengthen you even though you feel so very weak and helpless.He will pour into you His grace, that amazing grace which we sing about .yes He will give unto you a song in the night.

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