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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Encouragement . ( Isaiah 41 v 1 0 )

We all need encouragement no matter who we are,for we all without exception are very fragile,your pastor needs encouragement,the elderly,the sick,let us all determine to be an encourager. Read the Bible, so full of encouragement   , for God knows more than anyone else, how easily we become discouraged  ,it can be a simple thing,and it can be a serious thing.Behind the smiling face there may be a burden soul ,never judge the book by its cover ,is a truth we need to remember..In Gods word we have reassurance given ,that God will meet our needs,we are told that God will guide us,protect us. When we face the inevitable reality of death,we are told that we need not be afraid,even in that dark hour, for He will be with us,and for those who are sorrowing, He promises to comfort.Remember whatever we have to face and cope with in life ,God will be there to help us through. Remember Child of God ,you have a loving heavenly Father, and you are the apple of His eye. So let be like our heavenly Father and encourage others by our words and deeds.

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