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Friday, 1 June 2018

Seeking but never finding. ( Revelation 21 v 1 - 7 )

Tom  Gledhill writes of ''mans futile attempt to recapture the bliss of Eden'',this statement rings a chord with me, for it appears that mankind has a want, that they never seem to find. No matter how much money, possessions, or power,it fail to satisfy. Alexander the Great, sums it up when he said when he said,no more worlds to conqueror. People even look beyond this world to space the final frontier ,emphasising the cravenness that lies deep in the heart of every individual, to satisfy that want,everything is related to earthly concepts, the doing of the lottery,drugs, polygamy,the paradise of Islam promises 72 virgins,so earthbound their paradise.But then most of mankind even though they do not realise it, are seeking an earthly paradise. Mankind as Tom Gledhill, pointed out ,they are involved in a futile attempt ,to recapture the bliss of Eden.The Bible speaks of a new heaven and a new earth,to continually seek an earthly paradise, a paradise that no longer exists, is truly futile. Jesus said I make all things new.Revelation 21 v 5, and  that new heaven and earth, will be peopled with a new humanity,We are told that those who trust Jesus as their Saviour,become new creations,who will forever live in that new heaven and earth,why don't you  stop looking back to Edens bliss, and trust Jesus,and have a wonderful hope,in  glorious eternal bliss.

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