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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Pray please ( 2 Corinthians 1 v 11 )

I have just returned from a holiday in northern Cyprus, it is a lovely place, very warm,in fact it becomes so warn that for two month,many cannot work in the heat. I did not know much about N/Cyprus before I went,but one thing I did know ,it is a place where Islam is practised.So I thought I could be even for a short time be a  missionary that I wanted to be ,when I was younger in the faith. So I phoned Scripture Gift Mission requested for them to send me some suitable tracts in Turkish for that is the language they speak in N/C .When I arrived in Cyprus I divided the literature up for each day,I  stayed there.In the end I accomplished  my task,with much prayer. Sometimes I just gave the booklets out with a short word ,other times I left a booklet  praying that someone would pick it up and read it ,but other times I was able to speak about Jesus and leaving  them a booklet. I had a sense of God being in it,and every thing went so smooth,I have sown ,I have prayed that God would bless my weak efforts.I would ask you to pray also for Gods blessing on the witness that has gone forth.

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