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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

You must be born again. ( 1 v 10 - 14 )

I just listened to a Gospel song, 'In the upper room with Jesus', what do you think it was like in the upper room?.Well it was Passover, so they where doing what most Jews where doing ,but things happened in that upper room ,in fact a lot happened.The things He did and the things He said,He washed the disciples feet, the act of a servant,for that is what  He was a servant,and the greatest service He could do for this world was to become a suffering servant..At times it appears the disciples understood all that was happening,other times they didn't,so many people today don' t know Jesus  who He was,why He  died on the cross. do you know why He died on the cross ?. You would have thought they would have understood who He really was and why He came, but it is not unusual for people who are brought up in a Christian home,to  fail to grasp what means to know Christ.Only a spiritual rebirth can open our eyes to spiritual realities,a very religious person came to Jesus,and when Jesus told him that he must be born again, he did not understand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           .                                                                                                           I tell you the truth ,no one can see the                                                                                                        Kingdom of God unless he is born again.                                                                                                                     John 3 v 3

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